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Meet Jon Colby

Monday, August 5: “Yes, and…” Improving Communication and Leadership Through Improv

The basic rules of improv deal with finding agreement, listening, leading by empowering others, making choices, and celebrating those choices. These same attributes can improve productivity, increase retention, build stronger leaders and teams, boost creativity, and encourage employees and students to feel more valued. This interactive keynote will give participants an entertaining opportunity to grow in a safe environment and walk away with valuable skills that can be put to use immediately. 

“Laugh Provoking. Engaging. Refreshing.”

Jon Colby has been empowering people all over the world with improv for over 24 years. From presenting to performing, his engaging and interactive approach has successfully helped audiences across the world to be better communicators, leaders, teammates, salespeople, and even school nutrition professionals!

As a graduate from the world-famous Second City Conservatory and an educator with over 15 years of classroom experience, he has kept audiences laughing while sharing practical knowledge that they can put to use right away. He doesn't simply talk at the audience, he involves every member in an interactive session full of content that sticks.

Jon always delivers customized content whether he’s working with a Fortune 100 company, an association, or a nonprofit. His clients include American Express, Honda, Salesforce, One America, Charles Schwab, the NCAA, and the YMCA.

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Meet April Lewis

Wednesday, August 7th: You Got T.H.I.S!

Get ready to be inspired, energized, and appreciated at the closing MSNA Annual Conference keynote! Are you a part of the dedicated team working tirelessly in school cafeterias or providing essential services as a vendor? Then this session is tailor-made for you!

Join us for an electrifying finale as we celebrate your crucial role in our vision: "Minnesota School Nutrition for ALL!" We understand the challenges you face daily and want to celebrate and recognize you for the vital work you do to provide healthy food to each student.

Our keynote speaker, April Lewis, an Army veteran turned executive, will take you on a journey of resilience and hope in her speech, "You Got T.H.I.S!" Drawing from her personal experiences of triumph over adversity, April will reignite your sense of purpose and determination. You'll discover how to cultivate Tenacity, Hope, Inspiration, and Strength (T.H.I.S.) in life and work.

Get ready to leave empowered, knowing that you are an indispensable part of creating healthier environments for your students. Let's come together to celebrate your achievements and reaffirm our commitment to excellence in school nutrition. You truly got this!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain insights into the power of resilience and perseverance to inspire renewed determination and strength in overcoming challenges within the school nutrition profession.
  2. Explore strategies for fostering a stronger sense of purpose and value in one's work.
  3. Learn practical techniques for maintaining positivity and momentum in the face of adversity, equipping participants with actionable tools to navigate obstacles and cultivate a supportive, empowering environment within their professional roles in school nutrition.

About April

April Lewisis a dedicated advocate for enhancing the employee experience and fostering leadership development. Serving as the President and CEO of the A. Lewis Academy, Inc., April leverages her extensive training and leadership background to facilitate transformative change within individuals and organizations. Her mantra, "Human first, Employee second," underscores her commitment to prioritizing people's well-being in all aspects of her work.

With a rich professional history spanning roles in human resources, operations, and training, April brings a unique blend of expertise to her endeavors. A combat Army veteran serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Bright Star in Egypt, she exemplifies resilience and adaptability.

April holds esteemed certifications as a Certified Executive Coach (International Coaching Federation Accredited), Certified D.I.S.C Facilitator (Personality Insights), Certified Health Coach (Institute of Integrated Health), and Certified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner (The Center for NLP), further validating her proficiency in driving personal and organizational growth.

Currently, April consults as the Director of the National Center for Workforce Development and Training in partnership with the Association of Clinicians for the Underserved, where she leads initiatives aimed at empowering healthcare professionals serving marginalized communities. Additionally, she is an Advisory Board Member for Holistic Homes, joining the mission for housing first and personalized holistic healing for adults recovering from mental health conditions.

As a sought-after keynote speaker and consultant, April has collaborated with Fortune 100 companies ranging from the healthcare to banking sector offering invaluable insights into leadership and well-being enhancement. Notably, she recently served as the Interim Chief Operating Officer of a prominent multi-site healthcare system based in Maryland.

Beyond her professional accolades, April remains deeply committed to promoting calmness and stress-free living and happy workplaces. A best-selling author and aficionado of tacos, she embodies a harmonious approach to work and life.

April Lewis's moniker as the "Leadership and Wellbeing Energizer" accurately captures her transformative impact on individuals and teams alike. Her unwavering dedication to prioritizing people serves as a beacon for effective leadership and organizational success. To go deeper into April's transformative work and invite her into your organization, visit her website at