MSNA Director Mentor/Mentee Program

Are you a new director who could use some help in your role? Or are you a seasoned director who would like to provide guidance and encouragement during new directors' transitions into their role?

MSNA President Michele Hawkinson, President-Elect Emily Malone, and Past President and Leadership Development Committee Chair Cheryl Pick, are excited to pair seasoned and new directors for mentor/mentee relationships! If you are at all interested in mentoring or being mentored, please let us know by emailing Michele ([email protected]), Emily ([email protected]), and Cheryl ([email protected]). Michele, Emily, and Cheryl will work to pair you with a director that will be suitable for you and your school size.

We are also looking to create a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that mentees may have for seasoned directors, as well as information that is crucial for mentees to have. If you have any questions or processes you would like included, please let Michele, Emily, and Cheryl know!