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 Kristen Brown

September 2023 Update: Now that school is back in session, Kristen has a message for members! She says: "Remember your seven success energy centers: 1) Be Positive, 2) Show Appreciation, 3) Communicate Effectively, 4) Support Your Colleagues, 5) Create a Welcoming Environment, 6) Encourage Team Building,  and 8) Take Care of Yourself." Check out the video by clicking the image below!

Get ready for an energy experience! Energy is a critical skill that leads to solid resilience and hard results... we can't wait for you to listen to Kristen on Monday, August 7th!

Kristen Brown is an energy mastery expert and bestselling author who helps you get charged up even during change and stress. She spent 15-years in corporate leadership roles and today continues her work with companies around the world as a keynote speaker. She has appeared in media like Live with Kelly, Forbes, Working Mother, Psychology Today, and more. Her biggest faults – she is an occasional know-it-all and frequent wine aficionado. She lives in Minneapolis and loves hiking, anything on, in, or near water, and hanging with her dog and daughter.

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Lea B. Olsen

We're excited to welcome Lea B. Olsen on Wednesday, August 9th! 


Growing up in poverty in a racially-blended family created social dilemmas for Lea at a young age. She learned that when your family doesn’t fit the mold, you have to get comfortable breaking the mold. It was one of her first Wins in Life.

Lea began her basketball career in the junior year of high school and, after only two years, went on to play Division I basketball at the University of Minnesota. Surrounded by coaches and teammates while doing what she loved was transformational. She developed an appreciation for the critical role process plays in achieving your goals.

Lea transformed her success on the court into a sports journalism career on ESPN’s national WNBA broadcast team. Lea is a game analyst for the Minnesota Lynx and a television sideline reporter for the Minnesota Timberwolves on Bally Sports North. She also covers Minnesota state high school basketball tournaments. As a motivational speaker, Lea challenges athletes, coaches, and business professionals to rethink winning at all costs. Lea founded Rethink the Win in 2015 to help preserve a healthy environment for athletes to thrive in. She was also named to the 2023 Twin Cities Business 100 list. Lea played basketball for the University of Minnesota before launching her sports journalism career and is the only Minnesotan to sit on the Board for Bell Bank.

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